Lenormand n° 9 - The Bouquet (Queen of Spades)

Lenormand n°9 - The Bouquet (Queen of Spades)
Lenormand n°9 - The Bouquet
(Queen of Spades)
Polarity: Positive
General Meanings: Offer, Gift, Beauty, Refinement, Nicety, Happiness, Joy, Satisfaction, Recovery, Surprise
Other Associations: Flowers, Everything that is of great value or whose value increases (similarly to the Ring), Everything that is not expected
Speed: Medium, But often shows something unexpected

GENERAL MEANINGS: The Bouquet is often taken as one of the best cards in the deck. I tend to agree, although of course we must always be aware of the context of the question and of what the cards are trying to show.

     In the main it is the card of joy, and of what causes joy. This will be largely determined by the querent's need when the spread is cast. We can therefore expand these basic meanings to cover any kind of recovery and satisfaction. It is easy to see, therefore, how this card often pops up when the querent is despairing about his or her situation. It shows good tidings which are likely to improve the querent's life.

   The main use of this card is to show an outcome. In this sense it either signifies the positive conclusion of a situation or the beginning of the recovery, if the previous cards are not great. Don't be unrealistic about its power, though. Especially if stifled by an unlikely sequence of destruction and despair, we cannot judge happiness and joy simply because of a bunch of flowers in the middle.

   In this case it tends to show a frustrated potential, but frustrated nonetheless, or that joy is prevented by whatever the sequence shows. This is where a reading can be very helpful, bringing to light behaviours that exacerbate a problem that the querent needs to be made aware of.

  Example: I once did a reading for a young woman who wanted a baby but couldn't get pregnant. The Bouquet was there, showing she could get pregnant (she wasn't infertile), but it was besieged by the Snake and the Mice. Upon being tortured to reveal her habits, she gave me such a long list of unhealthy behaviors that I was surprised she was still standing on her feet.

  In love readings the Bouquet is usually encouraging, although it doesn't necessarily show anything specific. For instance, Heart + Bouquet or House + Bouquet or Birds + Bouquet may show joy and harmony in the context shown by the first card.

   Note that the Bouquet is NOT a card of romantic feelings. It doesn't show love: it shows satisfaction, which is an entirely different thing. If you are satisfied with being married to your husband's wallet you will be perfectly happy despite the lack of love in your relationship. But do be careful. While it is not a card of love, it doesn't negate love. It simply doesn't necessarily talk about it.

   It can, however, qualify the kind of love: Heart + House + Bouquet is one of the best combinations as far as feelings are concerned, giving the potential for a long lasting commitment which will bring joy and satisfaction. If the Anchor comes after this triad, it will make the situation definitive, unless the spread shows that big disruption is ahead.

   Both in love relationships and in work related issues, this card can show offers. So Ring + Bouquet is an ambiguous combo, as it can refer to both the offering of a ring or the offering of a contract. Usually the context will disambiguate this combination, or at most the other cards.

   The other important meaning of the Bouquet is that is shows what is beautiful, useful or pleasant. Sometimes this simply shows the absence of problems, e.g. "Does the house I'm thinking of buying require a lot of maintenance? House + Bouquet, "No"; Bouquet + Mice, "It's a nice house, but you'll need have some work done here and there".

   Other times the Bouquet is much more positive. For instance, "Will I win if I bet on that horse?", Sun + Fish + Bouquet, "Big time". In this case the idea of usefulness or profit shown by the Bouquet adds up with those of success and wealth of the other two cards

    What if the Bouquet is surrounded by nasty cards? Sometimes this means that the bad omen will be fulfilled in a way that the querent does not expect, so in a (very) limited number of contexts this card may take on a negative signification. More often, it means there is some kind of solace, especially if the Bouquet comes towards the end of the bad sequence (although not necessarily at the end).

   Or, it may make sense in the context to have the Bouquet with bad cards, if the Bouquet means, for instance, an offer and the other cards show the offer being withdrawn.

GRAND TABLEAU TIPS: Obviously enough, we would almost always want to see the Bouquet near the significator. I say almost because there can always be exceptions. If the querent were allergic to pollen, just to make an example, having the Bouquet that near wouldn't be good.

   Other than that, unless the Bouquet has a specific role in the question, or unless it falls near the action, its influence is quite unremarkable.

PLAYING CARD INSERT: The Queen of Spades in Lenormand is actually the equivalent of the Queen of Clubs in the French and Italian traditions.

   As you may have noticed, we have a perfect equivalence between the meaning of the Queen of Spades and the Snake (Queen of Clubs) and a perfect equivalence between the Queen of Clubs and the Bouquet (Queen of Spades). As we have already seen, the Lenormand system is not really a system as much as it is a hybrid in which many traditions are intertwined, and with its own distinctive traits.

   The Queen of Clubs, to which the Queen of Spades in the Lenormand corresponds, is generally one of the main significators for the female querent. In addition she doesn't necessarily speak about love (and indeed her appearance in a woman's spread without Heart cards nearby is a big testimony that she is not in love or is not loved) as much as it speaks of an active and vibrant individual.

   She is also associated with inexperience, but this mostly when around cards that point in that direction. Regardless, this meaning does not apply to the Bouquet.