Thank You + Vera Sibilla/Lenormand Updates

Just a few lines to thank all the users who visit the blog everyday. Almost 160.000 since I started the site!!! Never thought I would reach it, and I don't know if it's a lot or not, but as I said the other time, it doesn't matter, as it means the world to me. Thank you guys!

     Also, you will notice that I have changed some of the titles of the cards in the Vera Sibilla section. The Seven of Spades is now called Disaster, as it better corresponds to the Italian title: although at first one could see the old title "Disgrace" as more similar to "Disgrazia", they have in fact different connotations. Language's a tricky bitch! 

     The Nine of Clubs, which was previously called Mirth, has been changed to Merriment, as I believe it conveys the meaning of the card better. Finally, the Five of Hearts has been changed from Happiness to the Heart to Happiness in the Heart, simply because it is less awkward (although even the Italian phrasing is awkward and outdated by today's standards). I may change other titles in the future.

     IMPORTANT: I am in the (hopefully not too long) process of writing a second article for each of the Vera Sibilla cards. The way I see it, I could change the articles that already exist so that they become more introductory in character, and then write new articles which will lead the student to the deeper meanings of the cards. HOWEVER, maybe you have a better idea of how to organize the content of that section. If you do, by all means send me an email or leave a comment below.

     Finally, a word about Lenormand. I have been contacted by a number of readers who were kind of pissed off that I haven't been going on with the card descriptions. They are coming, they are coming:)