How to Practice Readings - The Daily Spread (Part II)

Daily Readings in Cartomancy
Daily Readings in Cartomancy
In the first part we saw that the practice of drawing three cards as a way of reading for yourself daily is an excellent way to constantly acquire new experience. In this new installment we go through some tips that could be important to keep in mind to make the best of your daily experience of the cards. 

     Don't Expect Your Life to be Turned into a Fantasy Movie

     The cards have an entertainingly marked tendency to be very theatrical in their language and behaviour. "You will get three job promotions this morning. In the afternoon you are expected to duel to the death with the nefarious Jack of Spades, while at roughly 9.30 in the evening grandma will die -again-, leaving you twice as much as the last time".

     Yet most days of most of the life of most people fly by without anything worth notice taking place. Doing daily readings won't change that. God will not assign you your personal Voldemort to fight against simply because you pull the King of Spades from time to time.

     Learn to recognize that daily readings, as it were, travel at a much lower frequency than that of readings covering a wider time frame. If you are not expecting anything in particular to happen today, chances are nothing in particular is gonna happen.

     AND YET. And yet. Yet there is always something happening: a slight anxiety, a surprising call from a dear friend, your dog pooping on the couch even though you spent 500 bucks in training sessions... The cards will describe those small details that make the tapestry of life far richer than a normal reading, with its "you will marry John"'s and "you will get the promotion only when you change job"'s would ever be able to detect.

     IMPORTANT: don't feel bad if what turned out to be the highlight of the day is not described in the cards. Especially if you knew it was coming, or if it's a repeated occurrence -like going grocery shopping for your elderly neighbor every Friday-, the cards may not always feel the need to point it out to you, unless it's big.

     This brings us to the next point.

What's Important To You Is Not Necessarily What's Important To The Cards

     In other words, the cards know. We don't. Many times I find myself looking at the three cards and thinking "This can't possibly mean anything! How would it relate to what I am living right now?"

     Yet at the end of the day they usually make perfect sense. Many times the cards don't make sense to us because, even though we know that life is not a movie, we expect the cards to tell our story in a coherent way, as if it were the plot of a film: if today I am expected to help my mother with her grocery, I will dismiss everything in the cards that doesn't speak of that. And, as a result, I can't make sense of the cards.

    Reading cards will constantly require that you stretch your preconceptions to make room for the truth. Example: a couple of days ago I pulled the Five of Spades, the Seven of Spades and the King of Spades from my normal playing cards. "Riiight" I thought "What's gonna happen? Am I gonna get involved in a terrorist attack? Shut up cards, go home"

    Yet that day my father went to a spiritual retreat without telling me, while I had plans with him (without telling him). The result was a big fit of rage on my part. The Five of Spades and the Seven of Spades together can, amongst other things, mean exactly that: an angry explosion. The King of Spades is traditionally, again amongst other meanings, the card of the man living far away, and also that of the man going away.

Expect More Than One Interpretation To Be True, Don't Feel Bad if None Of Them Is

     In astrology we know that everything in the universe shares in the influence of one of the seven celestial bodies of the ancients. Roses, lipstick, cushions, cute bunnies and so on all fall under the rulership of Venus; graveyards, grandfathers, agriculture etc. are all ruled by Saturn and so on. Hence the universe moves in accordance to the movement of the bodies, depending on how much they share in each of them.

     The same is true for the cards. As any one card has countless rulerships, many different things can happen under the influence of each card. A day marked by the influence of any three cards will probably see more than one thing ruled by those cards taking place.

     At the beginning of your day it is excellent practice to try to come up with as many interpretations as you can for the cards. Don't feel that every interpretation has to account for all the three cards: sometimes each card will relate to a different happening, sometimes two out of three will be important in describing what's going to happen, etc.

     At the end of the day, check your interpretations against reality, and see if you could have predicted something else. Even if you find that nothing seem to be described by the cards, don't feel bad. Sometimes what is shown in the cards may happen one or two days after the cards have been pulled, even if it's a daily reading.  More simply, sometimes our limited understanding of the cards will cause us to fail. Be glad that you made some good exercise in combining your cards in the morning. That's already a lot!

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  1. Ah, this second part really makes me thinking i have been doing the right track. Matt, i have been doing daily random readings, but not putting questins, i just pulled 5 cards and see what the story the cards want me to see

    As always your words are so accurate, especially point number one, they seemed to be very very dramatic and everything seems to be like a mini soap opera everytime i pulled them lol and i like it so much.

    one of totally random daily pulled cards that came true was 2♦ Reverse + 7♦ + 3♣ + 1♣ + 10♦

    i have multiple interpretations and then i doubted myself who is gonna marry, my friends ( only few ) are still single. 1 week later i got news that a friend of my friend will get married soon.

    It gives me chills because i never get many quick result like when i am with Tarot but wow hahaha, i shall continue your teachings, Matt.

    Hope you have a good life , Matt. Thank you for posting precious posts